How Many AeroGarden Models Are There?Edit

Up until early 2008, there was just 1 flagship model, the AeroGarden Classic (7-Pod). But now they have expanded their product line to include several models with over 20 different color/feature combinations.

AeroGarden Classic GardensEdit

The original flagship unit that started it all. This 7-Pod AeroGarden high-output countertop unit has 2 round grow bulbs and water pump system that pumps water and nutrients over plant roots. The benefits of the AeroGarden 7 includes up to 5 months of continuous harvests, grows up to twice as fast as dirt and starts up to 66 seedlings with AeroGrow's Garden Starter Tray.

This new AeroGarden is basically looks like the AeroGarden Classic, but has 6 pods instead of 7. This may seem like a bad deal, but the AeroGarden 6 acutally grows plants better and faster because they have more space to grow and spread out. It also has what they call Advanced Growing System (AGS), which is an aeration system instead of a water pump. It has been proven to provide 30% more growth as it delivers more oxygen directley to the roots. It also uses 2 flat grow bulbs to provide more light, more evenly to plants.

AeroGarden Extra Series - Tall GardensEdit

Twice the Light and Twice the Height

AeroGarden 6 Series GardensEdit

AeroGarden SpaceSaver models are designed to fit into kitchen corners, therefore freeing up valuable counter-space, expecially in smaller kitchens. They take up 30% less space that AeroGarden Classic and AeroGarden 6 models. SpaceSavers tout the Advanced Growing System (AGS), have 2 flat grow bulbs and come with the Gourmet Herbs Seed Kit.

AeroGarden 3 Series GardensEdit

The AeroGarden 3 the smallest of all of the AeroGarden models. It's basically the size of a coffee-maker and has 3 pods. It uses the Advanced Growing System (AGS), has 1 flat grow bulb and comes with either a Gourmet Herb or English Cottage Seed Kit. These units are great for your office or cubical desk or anywhere you want to add a little life and nature. They look great growing flowers.


The AeroGarden

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