Common name for several daisy-like plants. These plants are best known for their ability to be made into a tea which is commonly used to help with sleep and is often served with either honey or lemon. Chrysin, a specific flavonoid found in chamomile, has been shown to be anxiolytic in rodents and is believed to be at least partially responsible for chamomile's reputation as a sleep aid.


  • Species: Chamomile or camomile (German Chamomile Tea Chamomile, Common Chamomile, Hungarian Chamomile, Wild Chamomile, Scented Mayweed, Manzanilla)
  • Depth to sow seed:0.25"
  • Days to sprout: 7 to 14 days.
  • Maturity: 6 weeks
  • Compatible with Aerogarden? Yes


"It has been just over a month now in the Chamomile tea garden and these little guys are growing great." - drdave501[1]

Aerogarden CompatibilityEdit


Cultivation and CareEdit

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