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A page to discuss and document any nutrient alternatives you have seen or hear about. Add you input!

Confirmed Alternatives Edit


Floramato can be used in the at 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. It contains the appropriate PH buffers and is designed to stay soluble in the water. [1] It is good for a wide variety of plants. [2]

Scroll down to pages 10 & 11 for the dosage and some more info about the products:


  • "We bought some FloraNova the other day to use instead of the AG nutrients and it's fairly easy to use - It's just one part. It was fairly cheap at the local hydro store. 1 gallon US for $70 Canadian considering you only need 8ml it is quite the bargin - Our plants have perked right up."[3]

Possible Alternatives Edit

Organic Nutrients Edit

It is my experience with hydroponics that organic nutrients do not work well. I know that the stuff Aerogarden use they say is organic and it may be. But most Organic stuff has residue that will clog the pump." [4]

Miracle growEdit

  • "Miracle grow is not for hydroponics and won't work well. It is a soil supplement and doesnt make up for the nutrients in soil that hydroponics doesn't have."[5]
  • "Well you have to use a fairly Deluted ratio but I have seen it work with the Aerogarden. Conciderign you can buy the Masters Deluxe kit for 40 bucks (even cheaper on sale) and that has enough nutrients for a year , I am not sure there is a much cheaper way to buy nutrient's. [6]

Things to considerEdit

"One thing special about the Aerogarden nutrient tabs is that they claim a patented buffer ingredient to allow you to use tap water in the garden. [...] the instructions I've seen for mixing hydroponic fertilizers included some variant on distilled water."[7]

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