Broccoli raab thrives in the aerogarden.


  • Species:Rapini (also known as Broccoli Rabe (or Raap or Raab), Broccoletti, Broccoli di Rape, Cime di Rapa, Rappi, Friarielli (in Naples), and Grelos)
  • Depth to sow seed:
  • Days to sprout: 8
  • Days to maturity: 36
  • Compatible with Aerogarden? Yes


"I took the little measuring cup from a bottle of nyquil, cut out the bottom, and carefully weaved the raab plant through it when it was small. This seems to have really helped it stand up, as you can see how the raab next to it is more floppy. Now I wish I had secured both of them this way." - peznin[1]

Aerogarden CompatibilityEdit


Cultivation and CareEdit

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